fine furniture made by Israel Martín

Design maker who performs beautiful wood pieces only using solid wood. Respect for the material and sincerity of the craftmanship. Some of his work has been published in "Finewoodworking" or "Australian Wood Review" and in the english magazine "Furniture and Cabinet making", where he contributes with furniture making articles.

All the work is done in the furniture woodshop where the whole process is carried out with absolute accuracy using only hand tools. From the preparation of the wood to the finishing.

Using hardwoods like walnut, maple, ebony, Holly, rosewood, oak, chestnut... He makes timeless designs that can last over time. From small boxes to cabinets or chest of drawers. Simple and elegant design with special attention to detail, furniture to be enjoyed with all the senses.

Sincerity, Design is inseparable from the hand work, from the design to the finishing.

He conceived the work of the furniture maker as a whole, where design is inseparable from the hand work, from the design to the finishing. From the tools you use, many of them carried out by the same both for use on behalf of other craftsmen.

American styles as the Federal and Shaker and a contemporary vision of the Arts & Crafts movement.

He is an engineer, initially Self-taught as a furniture maker and later taking classes from the great American cabinetmaker Garrett Hack.

His main influences are Garrett Hack, and therefore his reinterpretation of north American styles as the federal and Shaker, also James Krenov's work as well as Erenst Gimson´s.

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We will talk about the design, the woods, the details or any other aspect of the piece that you would like to incorporate, as it is this relationship with the customer which marks the difference of handcrafted furniture vs serial made ones.

My goal when making a piece of furniture is that both the client and I enjoy the process.

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