Finewoodworking classes with hand tools

with Israel Martín

Share a few days in a privileged place enjoying a creative work

One of the most wonderful aspects about woodworking is the number of people you meet on the road, without whose contribution my work would not be what it is. Share a few days in a privileged place enjoying a creative work.

Making furniture or tools, starting from the place that interests you most, from choosing the wood according to the needs of the project, thorough its preparation, the best way to assemble it, the details, the finishing, etc.

From the patient and creative work, with the hands and the heart.


All courses include material. The courses made at "LacabrA en la Escalera" workshop include all the tools you may need, although if you have your own tools, my recommendation is to bring them because after all it is with them that you will later have to work.

If you do not have tools and want to buy them, I can advise you which to buy.

If you are interested on attending to my furniture making clases with hand tools, consult me:

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five days workshops

During five days we will make a small piece of furniture using hand tools only. A small project from the design to the construction and finishing that will allow you to start new woodworking challenges.

Duration: 5 days.

Price: 1100 € (indidual) and 800 €/student (groups)

This are individual workshops. I schedule them with the student as well as the classes program.

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Making your own simple and elegant piece of furniture.

fine Woodworking classes

Using only hand tools.

This is the way I like to work, you decide the project, the time you want to dedicate to it and how you want to organize it. From the preparation of the wood to the execution of a piece of furniture.

Once you have thought what you want to do, we will talk about the design, the woods, the tools and anything you think necessary to prepare your course.

You organize the time and duration of the course, with face-to-face classes and personalized tutorials at a distance, so you can combine classroom attendance with work in your workshop (if the project requires it).

Throughout my formative years, I have found that coping with individual situations with subsequent support greatly increases learning.

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If you want a unique and special piece of furniture

We will talk about the design, the woods, the details or any other aspect of the piece that you would like to incorporate, as it is this relationship with the customer which marks the difference of handcrafted furniture vs serial made ones.

My goal when making a piece of furniture is that both the client and I enjoy the process.

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